Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

We got back home Saturday evening. We had so much fun, but it's always so nice to be home after a trip. It was a much needed trip as the entire month of November is going to be insane for us. We have a final walkthrough for our home on the 15th and then we get the keys a few days later! We went there on Saturday as soon as we were back in town, it's looking so good! Can't wait to move in. In the meanwhile we have to start packing and doing all the last minute things that are necessary when buying and building a home. On top of that we have so many projects planned for our new home that we have to start working on.


Vintage2Vogue said...

i'm glad you shared these photos! i'm on the west coast and there's no sign of Fall in the slightest!


Stop by for a visit,

Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


mandy said...

we enjoyed getting too see a real fall! not much of a fall happens here in FL either.

Allison Taylor said...

Wow, these photos are incredible. That pig! haha. Can't wait to see your new home :)

mandy said...

Thanks Allison! I know that pig killed me.

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