Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life lately

Growing a baby sure can be hard work. It seems like the 2nd trimester honeymoon phase has come to an end for me. I have been crazy tired all week, and I have actually slept better then I was before. Plus my lovely wicked heartburn is back. It's so bad I don't even feel like eating most of the time. The worst part is when I do feel hungry all I want to eat is salsa, like that's really going to help with the heartburn. But really I am not complaining, I know it's all worth it. I can't believe I'll be holding my baby in just 14 weeks, so crazy.

We went to our local fair this past week. We mainly go to check out the animals. I am pretty sure we spend way more time looking at them all then anyone else going to the fair. We had a nice week overall, hope you all did as well!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lasagna Rolls

I made Lasagna rolls last night following this recipe I found on Pinterest. They were amazing. My kids even repeated it a few times how much they loved them. I made the sauce from scratch (I'll have to share the recipe one day) and added a bit more filling then the recipe called for as we are heavy cheese eaters over here, plus I sprinkled mozzarella on top of each roll. I also used fresh spinach vs frozen. I will for sure be making this over and over. Sorry I don't have better pictures, these were all taken with my phone.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Bunny Pattern

I decided I wanted to make a bunny for Easter, and while searching online for pattens I came across Sleepy Kings adorable bunny pattern! You can find the pattern here on her blog. Of course if you're not into sewing she has adorable bunnies (and many other cute creatures) for sale on her Etsy site. Thanks Savannah for sharing your pattern.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend fun

So nesting has already hit for me and its really bad. I spend way too much time cleaning and rearranging things. I am annoyed with myself its so bad. This past weekend my husband painted our kitchen shelves and we rearranged everything on them. One less thing I look at and am annoyed with now. My husband also finished up our new dining room table he's been building. I LOVE it!!! It's so awesome! So we had a pretty good weekend over here. I hope you all had great weekends as well!