Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas (I know it's a bit late)

I hope your families had a wonderful Christmas season! Moving during the month of December is not easy, we had so much pressure to get our home ready fast. As you can see from the pictures we are in the middle of redoing our floors. I know, who moves into a brand new construction home where they got to make all the choices and then rips up the brand new floors? Us weirdo's I guess. The plan was to have polished cement floors throughout our home, however the builder was not as careful as they had promised to be and the floors need a lot of work. Sooo, after a month of stressing and scraping the floors and lots of thought we have decided to go with wood flooring throughout the home. In the end we decided it is much more kid friendly. We all have pretty bad allergies, so we don't want any carpet. The flooring will be installed within the next two weeks, I can't wait!!

Below are some pictures from our Christmas morning, sorry so many. I really tried hard to narrow it down and still ended up with a million. As you can see our boys are very much into Lego.

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