Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Valentine banner DIY.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you're having a lovely day. I have a quick heart banner to share with you today.

Supplies needed:

I used felt however paper would work as well.

bakers string or really any string or yarn you like.

needle, scissors and a heart pattern.

Step 1. Either draw or print a heart pattern so all your hearts are equal sizes. I would share my pattern, but the computer I have it on is packed up due to our new flooring being installed still.

Step 2. Cut out hearts. I used 16 hearts for my banner.

Step 3. I organized the hearts in a color pattern I was happy with and starting stringing them. I choose a random pattern by flipping them different directions.

It's a really easy and quick DIY. Hope you enjoy it.


Naomi said...

I love this!!

mandy said...

Thank you! it's was fun to make! xo

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