Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free ghost diy pattern

Hope everyones having a great week. I just wanted to share a ghost pattern I made this past week with you. 

what you need: 
2 pieces of white felt 
1 pice of pink felt 
1 pice of blue felt 
pink and white thread 

Step one : Print out the template
Step two : cut out all the pattern pieces.
Step three : attached the eyes and the cheeks and sew a mouth on the front of the ghost.

Step four : put the ghost together with wrong sides facing each other. 
Step five : you can either hand stitch or machine stitch the ghost leaving an couple of inches open. 
Step six : pull the ghost through the opening.
Step seven : now it's time to stuff the ghost. 
Step eight : once you've stuffed the ghost you can sew the opening up.

I hope you enjoy the pattern! I would love to see pictures of the ghosts you make.

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