Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sofa dilemma

Ever since we have been married my husband and I had have problems finding the perfect sofa, so we have had to settle over the years for ones we were not completely in love with. When we visit local stores nothing ever comes close to what we have in mind. There is the option of ordering online, however, it's hard to order something like a sofa without being able to see it in person and test the comfort level etc. We have been needing a new sofa for a awhile now, but we just can't find the one for us. We do like a charcoal grey sectional that Ikea has, but we are not sure how it will hold up. Something we have been considering lately is making our own. My husband is pretty handy with wood, and I love to sew. I also found a cool site where you can have customized cushions made. Below are a few photos for inspiration in making a sofa, we would add a cushion for more back and neck support. The perfect sofa to us, needs to have style and comfort.

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